Why I Made This Blog

I have a confession: a confession about this blog, about the nature of this blog, which I will tell you via this blog.

So Meta

Believe it or not, when I started this blog, it was not a vanity project. It certainly seems that way – I mean, I have drawn a lot of pictures of myself.


The internet has created an amazing canvas for vanity, which I think is a good thing. The fact that anyone can have a voice is incredible. It took less than five minutes to create this website. The barrier of entry is so low it’s practically invisible.


The human spirit wants above all else, I think, to be free. There’s something in the air we all feed. We bleed our minds and our hopes and our dreams into the nothingness and hopes it spits back something interesting.


If I had a thousand lives to live I’m sure I could sort out this whole damn mess, but it seems my great misfortune to only have the one.


This blog was started for a college class: Writing in Online Environments.

I took this class as an alternative to a plethora of other dull-sounding classes, most of which involved the word ‘rhetoric’ or ‘discourse.’

That’s not to say this blog was the product of some well-structured syllabus. I broke just about every rule set in front of me. This page was supposed to be an academic analysis for the thesis of my blog (I actually think it is, by the way.)


The class is over, but I think I’m going to continue the blog.


So now it’s all on front street. This blog isn’t a vanity-project designed to maintain an ego. It’s a education-project that almost immediately descended into a vanity-project designed to maintain an ego.

But then again, isn’t all of academia?

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47 thoughts on “Why I Made This Blog

  1. i love your art. do you create this on paint accessory? i am impressed much so!

    got some chuckels out of this one. thank you!

  2. I think we’d be really upset if you treated this blog like a class and forget about it after the new semester started up. 🙂 I love it; keep it going! If not for anyone else, (insert egoistic-sounding voice here) meeeeee!

  3. I seriously hope you never stop. Well, of course you’d have to stop when you’re dead. That would be a mite unseemly. BUT UNTIL THEN I’m cracking the whip on you, boy. Mush! Mush! Write! Write! Draw! Draw!

  4. Alright, funny man. You ready for rejection, disappointment and constant work? Congratulations then. Such is the burden of the talented with something to say. Suck it up buttercup and keep writing/posting/artist-ing, all of it. Pretty fuckin selfish if you don’t. Just sayin’ 🙂

  5. LOL nice. Let the hilarious ego-tism that doesn’t take itself too seriously continue! Unless it’s all a ruse…but hey, fun reads!

  6. I was a teacher for a long time. I have seen the creativity of students sucked up and blown away by the need of many teachers to put people into a box. Individuality is refreshing. Maintain it at all costs. I do not care what other people say because in the end you determine what is good and acceptable from your mind quest. It is really easy to be a naysayer than advocate a free thinker.

  7. AWE SOME AND THEN MORE It’s original, it’s visual (the only way to learn), and creative. My blog compared to yours is kind of old fashioned, but hey, I was in college in the 60s, so forgive me if I don’t look hip

  8. Amazing and entertaining! Thank you for not choosing the ones with ‘rhetoric’ or ‘discourse!’ I can tell you, from experience, you made the best choice! I’m following!

  9. “That moment when you spell a word so wrong that even autocorrect is like, ‘I got nothin’ man.'” Haha! 🙂

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