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Yesterday, I met with my writing cult. Me and my writer friends My writer friends and I started it last semester. It was spearheaded by the oldest member of our group because – like all great cult leaders – he had a beard


When you first let people read your writing, it’s kind of terrifying. You watch every little movement in the face of the person, hoping they grasp a glimmer of your brilliance.

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It’s kind of funny, because when you’re the one doing the reading, you want nothing else but to make sure the person feels comfortable so they don’t hate you afterward.

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My writing cult is filled with nothing but nice people, but for some reason, I can never shake the feeling that secretly they’re all planning to get rid of me. I have no reason to believe this. There is no evidence. In fact, we let so many people into the group that now we have to push two tables together and it’s kind of hard to hear everyone.


It’s probably a natural for humans to fear rejection from a social group. No matter how independent anyone thinks they are, humans are social animals, and we don’t last very long on our own.

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I think it’s nice to be a part of a group, especially if the group is connected by some broad ideal. The ideal could be becoming better writers or promoting firearm legality or cleansing impurities from the German race – working as team feels good.

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I guess you never really know what goes on in other peoples’ minds.



23 thoughts on “Writing Cult

  1. OH, MY, I think *ssshhhh, …dont tell anyone..but i think me peed me pants!! LMAO…!! YOUR post is hilarious! WWWWAAAAAy FUNNEEEE!! I am not reading your posts anymore unless I have my diaper on, ok, sonny, ya hear! 🙂

    love the german part…esp cleansing the race.

    I will have you know that my surname is of germanic origin and i didnt take offense. 🙂

    ohbtw…the lady at the top image didnt have a beard, according to your text. Put some bush on her for heavens sakes!

    i dont like belonggin to groups; they suck! everyone lies, and everyone is so effing sensitive and gets their feelings hurt..if everyone says their truthful opinions…so just a waste of time really.

    — das ist ein verdammt gutes Stück Arbeit, und wenn Sie nicht wie mein Deutsch dann leck mich am Arsch 😉

  2. Herr, warum ist der Anführer Ihrer Gruppe nicht eine Frau? Ich glaube, es ist Sexismus in Ihrer Gruppe. Ich hätte zu Ihnen, der Gestapo zu melden.

  3. cute picture. I am sorry, but didnt get it why the guy is the leader but the girl is doing the proofing. like the leader is not having to proof…and has delegated. such is the prerogative of the leader, i concede. 🙂

  4. This might be my favourite of yours so far. All very true and funny. I have such a difficult time letting people read my stories that I don’t even write them in the first place! (Well that’s my excuse for the day anyway). I find it’s not just that I’m worried they’ll think I’m a bad writer – it’s also that I worry they’ll think I’m some kind of sick weirdo because when I do write I always tend to be drawn to sick weirdo topics and themes.

    Also, I like the bit about the nazi/peace symbol. I just came back from Malaysia where there’s a temple with a large “swastika” and though I knew it has nothing to do with Nazi’s I couldn’t help but do a double take

  5. I’d like to tell you that over time writing workshops get less like a weird essay-test on interpersonal communication and group dynamics, but that would be a lie.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA. The whole first part about wanting people to love your writing and offending them as you critique theirs is the story of my LIFE. Thank you yet again for your brilliance.

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