How to Lament Advertisements

I lament advertisements.

Trust me, I understand why they exist. I understand the need for people to sell their product, and I understand the best way to garner positive feedback for something is to subconsciously relate it to something people already like. I get that, and I lament it.

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Notice something?

That’s right! I bought the energy drink! Thinking I was immune to advertisements is what made me so vulnerable to them.

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The conscious mind is what gets all the attention – it looks all glamorous because it’s what makes us better than ants or rockpiles, but we can learn a lot more from focusing on the subconscious mind — the things we do when we don’t have a real reason to do them.


When you start to try and pinpoint the reasons behind your action, you’ll find you often can’t come up with anything satisfactory.  Instinct is a warm-bellied master, but he feeds you gruel. The void chills the heart, but the meals are sweet.


I’ve noticed WordPress has started to post ads on the bottom of my posts. This isn’t my doing. If you want to remove the ads you have to pay WordPress 30 dollars a year. I’m not going to do this. I failed Financial Mathematics, but I know making negative money on something is a bad thing.

double fail

I don’t like ads, especially when I don’t get any off the top. Please bear with me.

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26 thoughts on “How to Lament Advertisements

  1. There is an easy way out of that one. All you have to do is train yourself to say “I’ve seen an ad for that, so I’d be paying for the ad instead of the product” when you’re out shopping. Then, don’t buy the product.

  2. The psychology of ads amuses me. Especially the “I’m-too-clever-for-ads-to-work-on-me” part. I studied Persuasive Writing at uni and it was awesome to see the how of everything.


  3. Here is how to beat advertising. Buy the energy drink! Admit your a sucker. Drink the energy drink, 9 times out of 10 its disgusting. You will remember how bad it tastes and never buy it again. Good post

  4. I don’t pay for ad removal either. I don’t know what ads people see on my blog, I just hope they’re not too awful.
    I had a course in marketing. They taught us to exploit weaknesses and then present the product as the solution.

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