Two Geniuses Who Killed People

Why has genius, as of late, chosen to take the form of mustachioed men with happy faces and big noses? For reference, I present two geniuses:

genius 1

(Albert Einstein – Developed Theory of Relativity and relatively bombed Japan)

genuis 2

(Kurt Vonnegut – Brilliant anti-war writer and World War Two participant)

It’s spring break around my part of the world, so I’ve been trying to keep as unproductive as possible. That means I’ve been doing a lot of reading and bed-sulking.


One of the books I’ve been sulk-reading is Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. I avoided this book for years because the title made it sound like a miserable, depression-inducing war novel. Imagine my delight when I finally cracked open my copy and found it was actually a hilarious, depression-inducing war novel.


The first chapter is very different than the rest of the novel, and is really just Kurt Vonnegut reflecting on the story he’s about to tell. One reflection is about a man who told Vonnegut he’d be just as well writing an anti-glacier novel as an anti-war novel.

What he meant, of course, was that there would always be wars, that they were as easy to stop as glaciers. I believe that too.

The one thing Vonnegut didn’t count on when he wrote this in the 1960s was a little thing called global warming.

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In the same way Einstein turned his bomb idea into cool science and Vonnegut turned his war participation into anti-war novels, I wonder if we can turn our melting glaciers into peaceful coexistence.



20 thoughts on “Two Geniuses Who Killed People

  1. I had to read Slaughterhouse 5 for uni and What. A. Trip. Seriously didn’t know if I was coming or going. I don’t think I have ever read a more confusing novel!!!

  2. It was Oppenheimer, the boss of the ABomb who stated his fear that he had caused the end. The project was called Trinity and it is weird that something so devastating would be named so righteous.

  3. Thanks for liking my entry. Actually didn’t expect to smile today, but thanks to you, there goes my high hopes. Thanks for the crack in my face. Hope it doesn’t last too long. Have a good one 🙂

  4. I envy your talent. To be so young, perceptive of subtle nuances in emotions and express them in your art with such economy is a gift, rare even among artists. I do art, too, but I work it a little too much. You can go quite far with what you have, but wishing you–Good luck–might help.

    And thanks for liking one of my posts.

  5. Amazing review man. I laughed really loud in a dead quiet house at the pause, Naw. pics and I must agree about the dread that the title had instilled in me when I picked it up. Good moral too.

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