I Drew Everything

Last week, I said I would draw anything anyone asked. People asked, and I did.

Thank you very much for all the kind, thoughtful comments. Your words are my fuel. I’ll be back in May. Don’t forget about me. I swear I shall return.

ill draw anything



2q 2pic

3q 3pic

4q 4pic

(Be more specific next time, Dee.)

5q 5pic

6q 6pic


7q 7pic

8q 8pic

9q 9pic

10q 10pic

11q 11pic

12q 12pic

I’ll return, and my posts will have 33% more explosions to appeal to the hip, young demographic. See you in May!




32 thoughts on “I Drew Everything

  1. These are magnificent. Thanks so much for brightening my day! If you ever need to chat, hit me up. I’m pretty well versed in depression, anxiety, and stress.

  2. WOW and WWOWW!! This was spectacular deeds honored and delivered! NICE work..and I esp love my turtle …awww, sweet!!

    Other favorites — the chicken, the vampire and the hedgehogs. They made me giggle..and on a sucky day like today i really needed a chuckle. Thank you! You are a most talented blogger!

    Hurry back but enjoy your break. πŸ™‚

  3. OMG that Australian one might just be the best thing I have ever seen. Given that I’m Aussie too! But if you research just a little into our politicians you’ll see that it is even more ridiculous than you could possibly imagine.
    (Maybe not quite as bad as the US government shutting down instead of sorting out its problems using, I dunno, conversation, but it’s still pretty bad!)
    Hope everything works out for you out there in the real world πŸ™‚

  4. And as my eyes lay themselves upon your visual outpourings (like a sexy lingerie model), I attempt to dream up even more disturbing metaphors to convey my immense appreciation and adoration of said visual outpourings.

    In other words: You did good. Real good.

  5. Sometime after you return I may invite you to do a guest image to accompany a future post. Of course, that would require me to finish a post far ahead of schedule…

    Is that something you’d be up for?

  6. So I didn’t get my drawing request in under the deadline but I wanted you to know that I’m looking forward to your return, I have missed having a weekly post. My life went to shit last Dec seemingly at mach 3 from every conceivable direction. I’m still adjusting to my new world 6 months later. I hope that you are strong enough to lean on friends and to scream if you need to, sometimes it’s the only thing that makes you feel better. Be selfish and hateful and whatever you need to be to get through, remember it’s easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Just get through. And get back to posting on your goddamn blog bc finals are fucking hell and your clever artistic insights make me feel better about everything. In conclusion, I hope you made it through your shitstorm (and finals), so if you could go ahead and hurry the fuck up on publishing some new posts that’d be great. Please and thank you. Fin

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