Anarchy, Week 2

As we close in on the second week without a government, my fellow citizens and I begin to see the repercussions. I’m living on nothing but cheap canned beans and half dollar ramen noodles. Was this basically my diet before the government left? Who can tell? All the days blend together in this post-democracy hellscape.


If I work out my dumb citizen head-brain, I can almost remember how this government shutdown began. Of course, as a non-politician with limited funds, I can’t even begin to possibly comprehend the complexities of such decisions. Such things require amazing mental gymnastics to make even the slightest sense, and my brain ego is just too human-sized to perform such incredible feats of self-rationalization. I believe it had something to do with how letting poor people see doctors will explode the country with an atomic death bomb of deadly, unsafe human compassion.

Crud2 Crud3 Crud4

What then?

Crud5 Crud6

There is no ideology so perfect it can take precedent over basic human compassion. How can you promote the religion of Jesus in one breath and advocate against healing the sick in the next? What would Jesus of the bible (that kind hearted hippie who hung out with vagrants and wanted everyone to love each other) have to say in this situation?

Crud 7

But I suppose none of that matters now. The government is gone, and as far as I reckon, they ain’t coming back. Only a matter of time before Cormac’s McCarthy’s road winds through the once vibrant and beautiful streets of our land. All we left to remember our once great nation is the post office. Allelujah, brothers without leaders.

Crud 8


16 thoughts on “Anarchy, Week 2

  1. Haha, love the post. I find it so ridiculous that Republicans who are so heavily Christians would go in the complete opposite direction of their faith and holy book and try their damnedest to NOT help the poor. Completely blows my mind that someone can be so contradicting in their views. Also, you’re getting ripped off when buying your ramen, King Soopers offers Maruchan ramen 5 for a dollar!

  2. I appreciate your insight, however, I do not think it’s fair to blame one party over the other for this situation. There is a reason it is called “compromise” or “negotiation.” Obama is more willing to negotiate with Iran or Putin than he is with the Republicans. It is all a big mess that both parties have to take responsibility for.

    • Actually both the republican and democrat parties are the same party. When you vote you think you are voting your choice but you really aren’t, you are only voting for the lesser of the two evils. The only choice you really have is who your next slave master is going to be; and that’s only if your true slave master (The Illuminati ) allows it. Otherwise we will all soon be licking Obama’s boots. If you think you are not a slave take another look around.

      • I took another look around and realized Obama was actually a lizard-man. Thank you very much for bringing this issue to my attention.

      • That sounds about right, some how or another Obama seems to have lost his birth certificate along with his memory of where he is from. Nobody not even Obama himself knows where he is from. Shoot he could have been born on mars for all we know. That says a lot about a country who lets someone become president when they don’t know where he came from.

  3. Odd I read this on the day I went to the post office and everyone in line and behind the counter was talking about the shutdown. I like your take on this, your use of humor to portray it and your crudely sketched drawrings to represent it (yes I meant to say drawrings). I like that you point out the hypocrisy of the conservatives in that they tend to invoke religion when they try to push their often ludicrous agenda yet they seem to be basically anti-poor (which certainly isn’t the idea real Christians have about Jesus). Typically they use the bible to suit their needs, manipulating its words into something they did not originally intend to communicate. I will end my rant here because this could easily turn into a several thousand word rant and Carrie’s telling me I need to stop writing. Good work. Keep it up. Show no mercy. Cheers.

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