Self Worship on Facebook

When Facebook first became accessible to me, it was my favorite thing in the world. I could talk to my friends, play fun-stupid games, and posts pictures of myself looking cool. It was a little shrine dedicated to the center of my universe – Myself.


Unfortunately, like all places of worship, as Facebook grew in popularity so did its message become diluted. The joys of connecting through mutual self-worship were lost under a wash of political capitalization. People stopped posting about their lives and thoughts and started posting links to banal sponsorships and teutonic memeary. I received friend requests from people in countries I’d never even heard of, who immediately invited me to an event I’d never be able to attend. If they were really my friends, they would know I don’t have the time or means to attend their one-man charity show to stop Kony2012.

 The beauty of simple narcissism had been taken over by a desire to acquire political currency.

facebook2 facebook3

The fastest way to disengage me from your religious views is to mix them in with politics, an occurrence all too common on my quickly disintegrating Facebook.

Jesus loves

When I looked at my Facebook this is now what I saw: a place less about self-expression and more about self-aggrandizement. The Gods of Us had become tools to push product. We’d sold ourselves into a plantation where we were both slave and slavedriver. So, like every other god I’d once loved, I decided to abandon Myself.

facebook4 facebook5 facebook6 facebook7 facebook8


15 thoughts on “Self Worship on Facebook

  1. I struggle with this.
    First, I have a desire to be influential. That in and of itself isn’t bad or a poor quality.

    Second, there is a crave to be viewed as wise and or intelligent. As if that is the place I find worth and or validation.

    Who doesn’t hope for the opportunity to go “viral”?

    I just don’t want to be a bloated bag of prideful emptiness.

    So far, God has kept me humble. lol

  2. You think facebook is self involved? I created an entire year long process that revolves around my life…. ack? Writing about my life on my first blog makes me question my status as a narcissist.

      • They’ll never catch me, as I am one of those omni-present gods. As you know I am quite good at pointing out irony so allow me to do so now. The irony in this case being that if I am capable of being in more than one place at a time, then shouldn’t it technically be easier for them to catch me. Think- finding a needle in a haystack…if the haystack was made of needles (effectively making it a needle stack, i know, but you get my point). Wait what exactly was my point. Please disregard this comment (possibly a phrase better positioned at the top of this comment but there you have it. I can’t turn back time)…or can I? …………………………………….nope.

  3. I use my facebook and blogs mostly to promote the work of others, but I must confess, I do slip in a few notices about my writing. 😛 I hate doing the publicity two step, but you cheat your publisher if you don’t at least try to sell your work.

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