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I’m back in North North America until school starts up. Canada is nice place to vacation, because everyone does their best to ignore you, especially if you’re the kind of person who looks a little troublesome.


I went to see a movie with Sister One. It was more difficult than you’d think, because in Canada, days that are close to holidays count as holidays.

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In order to travel to the movie, we took this magical train not available in Real America called the Skytrain. Cars are the transportation of land, airplanes are the transportation of the air, and the Skytrain is transportation of the middle.


In case you couldn’t figure out what a Skytrain is by the name or that helpful diagram, a Skytrain is a train whose tracks are suspended in the sky rather than bolted into the ground.


A lot of Canada’s culture is based around doing the opposite of whatever Real America is doing. It’s like those teenage boys who hate Justin Bieber so much that they pay $500 dollars to go to his concert to throw an empty water bottle at him. Justin Bieber doesn’t care where the money comes from. All he cares about is that people keep saying his name. (YOU’RE WELCOME FOR THE FREE PUBLICITY, JUSTIN BIEBER’S MARKETING TEAM.)

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I always enjoy my time here, but I think I’m about ready to return to Real America, where the only Canadians you see pretend like they don’t hate you.



14 thoughts on “More Canada

  1. Hilarious! I totally get the whole anti-pop culture thing. Every time someone mentions One Direction, Justin Bieber, Twilight, or Fifty Shades we draw attention to it. If we could just forget they exist, that would be the best vengence of all. But we can’tbecause they suck.

      • Yep, pretty much.

        I don’t think I’d mind them so much if they weren’t so…unoriginal. They released that single forever ago that Ed Sheeran wrote for them and I could have sworn it was him singing. One Direction are so unoriginal they can’t even make a song their own. And that’s what pisses me off.

      TONY SINGLE reads a blog post constructed by QRPARKER

      Pure brilliance from beginning to end.

      (blushes furiously and runs away)
      FADE OUT.

      THE END

  2. i dont know if i’d care to ride those sky trains. kinda scary to me, but it cant be worse than flying. i will stick to Amtrak.

    arent the Canadians fat? *sigh, is there any other country that is fat besides US?

    • The majority of Canadians I saw were skinny, or as I like to call it, “weak.”

      Also, it might interest you to know that Mexico recently surpassed America in terms of obesity, probably because YO MAMA MOVED THERE! (cue snapping fingers and hollering.)

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